Armed Thieves Steal Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Jewels From Paris Hotel

posted by Bill Galluccio - 

An armed gang of thieves made off with over $5 million worth of jewelry from the Ritz Hotel in Paris, France. According to the Daily Mail, a group of five masked men armed with guns and axes, stormed the hotel, terrifying guests who thought they were caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. Witnesses reported hearing gunfire as the men stormed the lobby of hotel and forced everybody to the ground. 

As customers ducked for cover and hid in the basement of the Hemingway bar the masked men used axes to smash the display cases inside the Reza jewelry shop and dumped the valuables into bags. 

Shoppers alerted police, who responded quickly and managed to arrest three of the men. Two of the assailants managed to escape through a back door. One fled on a moped, while the other drove off in a Renault M├ęgane. 

Police said they are still searching for the robbers, and that they have not recovered any of the stolen jewelry. 

Police did not say if they have any leads, but one report says the men are known to police. 

Paris is no stranger to high profile robberies. Reality star Kim Kardashian was robbed of nearly $10 million worth of jewelry at her hotel by robbers masquerading as security in October 2016.


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