Whose National Anthem Was Worse? Roseanne VS Chuck

The internet is up in arms over an unpleasant (okay, awful) rendition of the national anthem sung at a minor league baseball game in North Carolina on Sunday. Chuck Hayworth was asked to fill-in and sing the anthem at the last minute before a High Point Rockers home game because the scheduled singer had to cancel. He clearly wasn't prepared for it. While Chuck's version is definitely awful, most San Diegans think it's nowhere near as bad as Roseanne Barr's cringe-worthy Star "Mangled" Banner, when she nearly ruptured the eardrums of 27,000 baseball fans before a San Diego Padres game at Jack Murphy Stadium on July 26, 1990.

So let's put it to a vote. Listen to both of them below, then cast your vote and tell us the National Anthem's Most EPIC FAIL winner?



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