Dorothy Hohl has osteogenesis imperfecta, aka brittle bone disease. This defective gene causes the body to not produce enough collagen, leaving bones prone to breaks and fractures.

When she got pregnant nearly 20 years ago, doctors told Dorothy there was a fifty-fifty chance that she would pass the same disorder on to her daughter, Savannah.

As a result, Savannah’s father refused to be a part of Dorothy’s life should she move forward with the pregnancy. To make matters worse, Dorothy was shunned by her family.

Despite the possibility of passing on the rare illness — and raising her baby as a single mother — Dorothy decided to carry on her pregnancy. Just one week before giving birth, doctors delivered the sad news, informing her that her baby did in fact have brittle bone disease.

But over the past two decades, Savannah has grown into a bright, capable, and inspiring college student. Dorothy has absolutely no regrets about keeping her daughter.

“I knew that, no matter what, the good days have always outnumbered the bad,” she says.

As you’re about to see, both Dorothy and Savannah go through life with an incredible amount of confidence, grace, and humor. Dorothy instilled her wonderful sense of independence in her own daughter. Hers is a level of confidence that even those without debilitating issues struggle to find.

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Photo: Little Things