About the IE Sports Net Show

Brian ‘Coach B’ Arrington and Eddie ‘Eternal’ Talbert, Jr. break down the biggest sports news and discuss the latest issues of Inland Empire sports in a simulcast of their hit morning radio show, which features interviews, insightful commentary and lively debates. 

“IE Sports Net” is a co-hosted, Inland Empire sports broadcast. The two co-hosts, Coach B and Eternal, are the voice of the LA Clippers G-League team, Agua Caliente Clippers. The pair are on the Board of the Inland Valley Classic, 501c3 Non-Profit, which host a series of High school All-Star games and the organization has provided over $5,000 in scholarships for local student athletes. 

Guests who appear on the show will include a variety of sports players, from amateur and collegiate to semi-professional and even professional. The topics include emerging stories and current debates in the sports world. From High school, college to professional sports, this broadcast will cover all of your favorite sports stories and more! 


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