Hide that Honda Accord under lock and key, because it was the most stolen car in America last year, reports 24/7 Wall St., which details the National Insurance Crime Bureau's annual "Hot Wheels Report"of the country's most swiped vehicles. 

There were 50,427 Accords stolen in 2016, and Honda also comes in at No. 2 with the Civic, which saw 49,547 go missing. 

Surprisingly, however, it's not the most recent models that get lifted: Thieves prefer "older, pre-'smart key' production models," with the 1998 Honda Civic being the most popular. Here, the top five cars that got taken and the number stolen:

  1. Honda Accord, 50,427
  2. Honda Civic, 49,547
  3. Ford pickup (full size), 32,721

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Photo: Getty Images