The Postal Service Would Like To Remind You Not To Express Mail Tiger Cubs


Well this happened. 

Mexican Federal Police say they intercepted a package from someone that tried express-mailing a tiger cub inside a plastic container last week. Nobody realized there was anything amiss until a sniffer dog looking for contraband alerted on the small blue container. 

When they opened the container to see what was inside, authorities were shocked to find a sedated tiger cub looking back at them. 

The cub was mailed from the western state of Jalisco, to an address in the central state of Queretaro. The tiger was reportedly dehydrated, but in otherwise good condition and was handed over to an animal management center. 

Mexican officials say the tiger cub had its papers in order, but the way it was being transported was considered mistreatment and are currently looking for who was trying to transport it between the two cities. 


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