NFL Investigates 77 False Positive Coronavirus Results From New Jersey Lab

The NFL has cleared 77 players who received positive results for COVID-19 after their tests were re-examined. The league said that all the positive tests all came from the same lab in New Jersey, while four other labs used by the league did not report any cases of COVID-19. The false positives impacted 11 teams, which were forced to change their training camp schedules over the weekend.

The Minnesota Vikings had 12 players receive an incorrect diagnosis while the New York Jets had ten, and the Chicago Bears had nine.

As part of an agreement between the league and the players, any player who tests positive will undergo two additional tests within 24 hours. If both those tests come back negative, the first result will be considered a false positive, and they will be cleared to the play.

BioReference Laboratories investigated the tests and determined the false positives were the result of "an isolated contamination during test preparation."

All players are required to undergo daily testing until September 5. The league and the players are still working out the details of the testing procedures once the regular season beings.

Photo: Getty Images

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