Bengals' Mackensie Alexander Arrested One Day After His Father Went Missing

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Mackensie Alexander was arrested for battery in Florida on Tuesday (August 25). Alexander left training camp earlier in the day after his father was reported missing. Police said that Jean Odney Alexandre went to Okeechobee to pick palmetto berries with another man on Monday.

The man left Alexandre behind, and he was reported missing later that day.

According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Alexander went to confront the man who left his father behind and allegedly punched him in the face. He was joined by another man, Evins Clement, who held the man down while Alexander hit him, causing a minor injury.

The two men left the scene but were taken into custody a short while later after the man contacted police and said he wanted to press charges. They were each charged with one count of misdemeanor battery.

Alexander's attorneys, Brian Pakett and Stacey Richman, said that Alexander's only concern is finding his father.

"Mackensie's a loving son, and he's concerned about his father. That is his sole concern in the matter," they said in a statement. "The only concern that Mackensie has right now is finding his father and the well-being of his father."

Officials have been searching for Alexandre using helicopters and police dogs, but so far have not found any traces of him.

"I can tell you that we have helicopter and ground searches in Okeechobee County that will be going on through the night," the Collier County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

Photo: Getty Images

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