Lil Nas X Recalls Family's Heartbreaking Reaction To Him Coming Out As Gay

Lil Nas X is reflecting on life after his sudden rise to stardom.

The “Old Town Road” star is the latest cover star of CR Men’s upcoming issue. Inside, the Grammy-winning recording artist opens up about everything from the pressures of fame to coming out to his family to what it feels like to his private dating life. “Sometimes I’m laughing about it, sometimes I’m crying about it,” he admitted, according to PEOPLE, when asked about his launch to stardom. “I’m still discovering the magnitude of it all.”

By “the magnitude of it all,” Lil Nas X could be referring to any number of milestones, from winning two Grammy Awards to breaking Mariah Carey’s long-standing Billboard Hot 100 record with “Old Town Road” topping the chart for 19 weeks straight. Or perhaps, another profound moment that comes to mind could be when the superstar came out as gay to his Christian parents during Pride Month last year. A moment, sadly, he says wasn’t received in the most welcoming way.

Touching on the sensitive topic, the 21-year-old revealed his father “said some very Christian things,” like that his homosexuality “could be the devil tempting” him.

"It sucks," Lil Nas X added. "But I guess I saw it coming."

The “Rodeo” rapper isn’t experiencing post-fame life alone, though, as he also revealed that he’s currently “dating someone right now.” As he explained to the publication, "We’re not in a relationship yet, but it’s been on and off for the past few months. I’m maybe going to try to go steady this time.”

Apart from entering the dating pool, the musician is working on his debut full-length project, which he previously teased on social media a few weeks ago.

Photo: Getty Images

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