Doug Gottlieb Says Drew Brees' Arm is 'Shot'

Doug Gottlieb Says Drew Brees' Arm is 'Shot'
Doug Gottlieb: “Drew Brees is last in average air yards per attempt. He’s attempted only four passes over 20 yards all season. Last night he had ZERO passes attempted beyond 20 yards. Not over 40, or over 30, over TWENTY. The game was played INDOORS. There’s no moisture on the ball and there’s no wind, you can just sling it. It adds years to your football life. His arm appears to be SHOT. None of this stuff is coincidence that it got bad at the end two years ago, last year he was hurt with the thumb, and he came back and it was not great in the playoffs. This has been a growing problem. Teddy Bridgewater and Jameis Winston were signed for a reason. Everybody knew that it was getting bad. Sean Payton said 'we would love to have him back’ but it’s not like they were full-court press in their infatuation with Drew Brees. Not that they don’t like Drew Brees but his arm is SHOT. He is the cautionary tale of all of these old quarterbacks… He didn’t have Michael Thomas but last time I checked Aaron Rodgers didn’t have Davante Adams. You took away both of their top wide receivers -- one guy can throw the ball wherever he wanted, and the other guy could not even try to push the ball down the field… Peyton Manning’s arm was shot in his last year but that defense carried them. This defense is not good enough to do that. I think they might get beat in Detroit this week. Do you know how hard it is to beat a team when everyone knows your quarterback can’t challenge you deep? And now that the word is out, he’s going to have to force some things down the field, and is going to have to take some chances, and that might end up being worse… You bring in Taysom Hill and people start rolling their eyes. Do you think he would do it if he thought his starting quarterback was the best option? Of course not. ‘We can’t throw it downfield so we gotta trick some people and try some other funky stuff.’” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Drew Brees’ arm is ‘SHOT’ and why the 41-year-old is on his legs in the NFL, coming off a Week 3 loss in which Brees made almost zero attempt to throw anything further than a dink or dunk.

Brees didn’t attempt a single pass over 20 yards on Sunday night, and ranks dead last in the league in Air Yards, a statistic that measures the distance of balls thrown past the line of scrimmage, and discounts yards after catch gained by the receiver.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he thinks Taysom Hill’s presence just highlights the fact that Sean Payton knows that Brees’ alone just can’t get the job done when it comes to beating elite defenses who know there is no threat over the top.

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