Coronavirus Could Reportedly Cost NBA $1 Billion if Season is Cancelled

Colin Cowherd: “Are you sources optimistic or pessimistic?” [about the NBA season continuing]
Chris Broussard: “Initially, guys were very optimistic when they announced a couple weeks ago that the season was suspended for 30 days, but then when they shut down the facilities guys got really doubtful and pessimistic about whether or not they were really going to play this season. What’s driving everyone, to the players, to the executives, and to the league office is the loss of revenue. They are going to do everything they can to play this season in some way, shape, or form, because if they don’t play the season they stand to lose -- according to a report -- one billion dollars plus. So they all want to play, even if it means playing into September.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to NBA insider and Fox Sports Radio host Chris Broussard join The Herd to discuss the league’s unprecedented coronavirus quandary, as the sports world has been completely turned upside down at the hands of COVID-19.

Professional sports have obviously taken a back seat to the livelihood of the country, as the United States continues to reel from the spread of the virus, but sports like the NBA, NHL, and MLB face very daunting decisions ahead with what they’re going to do with their seasons, with the NBA and NHL facing the very realistic outcome of having to outright call the season off.

Check out the segment above as Broussard explains to Colin Cowherd why the league will literally take every step they can to finish the season, no matter if the Finals end in September, saying the NBA could lose over a billion dollars if the season is cancelled.

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