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Here Are the Teams Colin Cowherd Believes Can Win the Super Bowl

Listen to Colin Cowherd list the NFL teams he thinks have a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl, as 2021 is yielding one of the most wide-open seasons in league history.

In the NFC, there is a 5-team dogfight for the no. 1 seed with the likes of the Cardinals, Packers, Bucs, Rams, and Cowboys, with a massive field of mediocre teams battling for the final 6 and 7 seeds for the playoffs. The Niners, Washington Football Team, and Vikings appear like the only three Wild Card teams presenting any danger to the top 5 dogs, but there is a massive gap in the standings between both groups.

In the AFC, much of the same, as six teams are all tied in the loss column. Defending AFC champion Kansas City shockingly sits as the number four seed behind the Ravens, Titans, and surprise Patriots, with the Bills lurking as the sixth seed despite them having an argument as the AFC’s most formidable challenger.

Even with .500 records, Cleveland and Indianapolis would also present extremely difficult matchups against the top 6, with the Raiders and Chargers having punchers’ chances with their All-Pro caliber quarterbacks.

Check out the video above as Colin presents the teams he believes can win it all.

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