Eight NFL Throwback Jerseys We Desperately Need to See Make a Comeback

NFL Throwback Jerseys We Most Need to See Make a Comeback

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss NFL throwback jerseys that we desperately need to see make a comeback, as the league is reportedly nearing a deal that would clear the way for teams to use multiple helmets during the season, and in-turn, allow teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to wear their famed creamsicle uniforms, and the New England Patriots to wear their beloved ‘Pat the Patriot’ threads.

The NFL has barred teams from wearing multiple helmets during the season for almost a decade in a move that is supposed to endorse player safety, and to warrant all league personnel to get comfortable wearing equipment that they’re accustomed to wearing over the course of 17 weeks.

This would obviously mean that teams like the Buccaneers and Patriots would only be able to wear their pewter and silver helmets all season, with the option of wearing their white throwback helmets not allowed by the league.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians hinted on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday that the new helmet rule will go into use for the 2021 season, and would clear the way for the creamsicles to return.

Check out the segment above as Jason and Mike discuss which notorious retro jerseys they would most want to see return.

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