Chris Broussard: Seahawks Are Wasting Russell Wilson's Career

Chris Broussard: Seahawks Are Wasting Russell Wilson's Career
Chris Broussard: “I feel like the Seahawks are wasting Russell Wilson like they have wasted Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. When I say ‘wasted’ I mean I feel like they’re content to have gotten their Super Bowl win, and have been a legitimate contender, and to have been competitive and in the playoffs basically every year, and they’re not going the extra mile to help him out and create a Super Bowl champion or maybe even a dynasty. It’s the wrong approach and I think they’re wasting his talent.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks the Seahawks are ‘wasting’ Russell Wilson’s historically premiere talents in Seattle, as Broussard says a player like Wilson should have multiple Super Bowls at this point in his career if not for a franchise that didn’t go the ‘extra mile’ to fortify a direction both on the coaching and personnel front entirely predicated around his skill sets.

Check out the audio above as Chris details why it reminds him of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, as the 36-year-old has won only one Super Bowl in Green Bay for a Packers franchise who many believe never went out of their way to aggressively get him elite players in free agency during his the prime years of his career.

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